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Walter Hudson seeks the Republican endorsement to run for re-election as state representative in House District 30A, which includes St. Michael, Albertville, Hanover, much of Otsego, and Rockford Township.

It's All on the Line in 2024

Thank you for electing me to serve as your state representative in 2022. After my first year, the experience has already been the honor of my life.

When we announced our campaign then, conventional wisdom suggested we were going to see a "red wave" that would position us to deliver on much needed fiscal restraint, tax relief, and focused policy uplifting education, public safety, and abundant energy. Instead, we got a governing trifecta which wasted no time advancing a reckless agenda in service of the extreme fringes of the radical Left.

Democrats spent every thin dime of a $19 billion state budget surplus. They raised taxes by $10 billion. They increased the state budget by 40%. And they did it all in the midst of stifling inflation.

Worse, they passed and signed into law some of the nation's most abhorrent policies since Jim Crow. Children may now be killed up to the very moment of their birth, on-demand, without question or record. Parents can have their rights stripped away if their child experiences gender dysphoria. Democrats enacted a ban on cheap, reliable, abundant energy sources which make up 80% of our power grid. Nothing sane or decent escaped their grasp, and our state will be paying the price in treasure and blood for years to come.

As you can tell, I'm not one to sugarcoat. I won't lie by telling you that electing a Republican majority to the House in 2024 will enable us to reverse the damage done to date. Governor Walz term goes through 2026, as does the incumbent Democrat majority in the Senate. If we prevail, it will only prevent further damage from being done. But that will be a turning point, the start of a much needed revival. Nothing less than our homes are on the line. Because Democrats are dead set on making life unlivable for decent, productive, God-fearing folks in Minnesota.

It has been my honor to serve on the House Public Safety Finance and Policy Committee. From there I have watched as the majority has uplifted criminals and punished law-abiding citizens, taken rights from folks who just want to defend themselves, and shortened prison sentences for convicted criminals.

It has to stop. You can help us make it stop. Join our campaign today, contribute to our cause, and help us hold the line in defense of our homes.

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