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Walter Hudson is the Republican endorsed candidate for state representative in the newly drawn House District 30A, which includes St. Michael, Albertville, Hanover, much of Otsego, and Rockford Township.

Be Free, Fight Brave

The past two years have seen a radical transformation in our society. We were once "the land of the free" and "the home of the brave." Now, our leaders demand we cower, cover, and wallow in fear.

Governor Tim Walz seized unilateral control over the most intimate aspects of our lives. He told us we couldn't work. He told our children they couldn't go to school. As crisis fostered confusion and uncertainty, Walz saw opportunity to abuse his authority. As he rode roughshod over our most sacred freedoms, his allies in the Minnesota legislature obstructed all efforts to stop him. He made elected lawmakers irrelevant. He wrote his own laws, and Democrats in the House let him.


I'm running to change the way things are done in St. Paul. We need broad, bold reforms in our democratic processes to restore power to the people. No more self-appointed monarchs ruling unchallenged. No more shady backroom deals determining every policy in the state. Government by the consent of the governed. 

This shouldn't be hard. But it requires conviction.

If you agree, help send me to St. Paul as your next state representative. Together, we can renew hope for our future, restore pride in our state, and be Free and Brave once more.


Thank you for stopping by. We hope you'll join our campaign to renew hope and restore pride in Minnesota. Take a minute to learn why Walter Hudson is running to be your next state representative. Please consider aiding the fight through volunteer service and contributions to our war chest. There's much to do in order to get Minnesota back on track, and we need your help.

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