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Walter on the Issues

Here's the revolutionary starting point. You own you.

You are your own boss. You decide what you will do, who you will do it with, on what terms, and while assuming your own risk.

You are a grown up. You shouldn't be ordered around, and you aren't looking to be coddled, comforted, or tucked in.

You have no privilege to check. Advantages? Sure, if you want to call loved ones an advantage. If you want to call grit, determination, wisdom, perseverance, and work ethic advantages, you'll claim them. But privilege? It's called earnings.

You don't owe anything to anyone, except those you claim as your own. And you ask nothing of no one, except to be left alone.

You own you. From there, the positions on the issues flow... 

Law and Order

Everything's upside-down.

Criminals are heralded as saints and martyrs. Our men and women in law enforcement are vilified as murderers and fiends. Violent thugs are a protected species. Law-abiding citizens have to think twice before defending themselves. It can be truthfully said that you are at greater legal risk defending your family than assaulting one.

This is unconscionable, and must immediately end.

As state representative, I would champion legislation protecting the right of residents to protect their life, liberty, and property. I would intervene in efforts to undermine public safety. And I would author legislation to aggressively prosecute the organized crime which has held the Twin Cities in perpetual threat under the auspices of "protest."

Restoring the Right to Life

We tend to look at history through a modern lens and judge those who came before us as somehow worse, less evolved, and not as sophisticated. We point to outrages like chattel slavery and Jim Crow and scoff. How could they be so callous, so vicious, so cruel?

But history will judge us as harshly. We've lived alongside an ongoing atrocity far worse than those of America's past. Since the Roe v Wade opinion, over 60 million people have been legally slain in the most barbaric fashion imaginable, their broken bodies cast aside like trash. If spoken of at all, their humanity has been diminished or denied. By rejecting their humanity, we have lost much of our own.

It's incredibly encouraging to hear to that the United States Supreme Court stands ready to overturn Roe. We can only pray that the unprecedented betrayal within their ranks, an effort to affect their final decision, will not prove successful.

However, the end of Roe is not the end of our fight for life. Babies will continue to be massacred in Minnesota unless we have elected officials willing to act in their defense. As your next state representative for northeastern Wright County, I will work to prohibit the murder of children.

Abortion must be abolished.

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Hand in hand with law and order is your right to act as the last line of defense for your family. In most cases, you will serve as your own first responder to any emergency. You must therefore have total assurance that any action you take to protect what's yours will be upheld and supported by the law.

As state representative, I will pursue Constitutional Carry, because the Constitution of these United States is your permit to carry.

As state representative, I will pursue Castle Doctrine, because a mother or father should never have to retreat before defending their family.

As state representative, I will pursue Stand Your Ground, because you ought to be able to defend yourself wherever you happen to be. The right to life doesn't end at your doorstep.

These policies will empower Minnesotans to defend themselves in all contexts without fear of prosecution by gun-grabbing, pro-criminal prosecutors. Law and order starts where you stand.

Education and Parental Rights

Democrats in Minnesota largely agree with Virginia’s now ex-governor Terry McAuliffe that parents should not control their children’s education and upbringing. They think they own your kids.

As state representative, I would champion legislation banning the practice of critical race theory in public education. I would oppose the sexualization of students via comprehensive sex ed. And I would pursue a ban of anti-science gender ideology which denies basic biological fact.

Most importantly, I would pursue the empowerment of parents through an expansion of curriculum transparency and total control of state funds attached to their individual student. The power of the purse is the power to decide, and it's been held by the state for too damn long.

Health Freedom

Consent is the bedrock moral requirement of responsible medicine. No patient should be forced to accept treatment against their will. Tim Walz and the Democrats do not believe this, and have taken every opportunity to impose their rule over the medical decisions of Minnesotans.

As state representative, I would champion legislation to restore patient privacy and autonomy. Your medical status is your business, no one else's. Your medical choices are not subject to review, approval, veto, or punishment. You own you.

Election Integrity

We hear a lot about how sacred the right to vote is. Yet, as things stand, we have an election process in Minnesota that treats each of our votes like garbage.

If our vote is sacred, it ought to be protected before, while, and after it's cast. The process should ensure eligibility on the front end, secure chain of custody on Election Day, and provide an iron-clad paper trail after the fact. The numbers should add up across the board, every time, with zero irregularities. And the process should funnel activity to Election Day to limit vulnerabilities. That's the bare minimum ask if our vote is indeed sacred.

But Democrats don't actually believe your vote is sacred. They think "access" is sacred. And by "access," they mean the ability to dilute or cancel your vote.

The stability of our government and our culture depend upon election integrity. The losing party needs to believe that they lost. The victors should proceed confident of their mandate. As state representative, I would pursue common sense reforms which would protect voting rights by ensuring ballot security.

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