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Walter on the Issues

Here's the revolutionary starting point. You own you.

You are your own boss. You decide what you will do, who you will do it with, on what terms, and while assuming your own risk.

You are a grown up. You shouldn't be ordered around, and you aren't looking to be coddled, comforted, or tucked in.

You have no privilege to check. Advantages? Sure, if you want to call loved ones an advantage. If you want to call grit, determination, wisdom, perseverance, and work ethic advantages, you'll claim them. But privilege? It's called earnings.

You don't owe anything to anyone, except those you claim as your own. And you ask nothing of no one, except to be left alone.

You own you. From there, the positions on the issues flow... 

Education and Parental Rights

In 2022, I ran to provide parents in Minnesota with full control of their children's education. You respond to that message and elected me. But statewide, the People made a different choice, empowering unions and state agencies to further entrench a failed status quo. The results have been eye-opening for many educators who expected different.

Locally, our school districts asked for the funds they need to do their job, along with the autonomy to utilize those funds as they see fit. Instead, they got a little over half the money they asked for and sixty-five new mandates for how to spend it. The result, if you ask an administrator near you, is a functional decrease in their overall resources.

Think of it like this. You need money for groceries and your mortgage. You ask your boss for a raise. Instead of cash, he gives you gift cards for the hardware store. That doesn't really help you out, does it? That's the situation Minnesota school districts find themselves in under the Democrat trifecta.

When we flip the House majority in 2024, our priority will be stabilizing the system, providing schools with the funds and flexibility they need, and providing parents with a much more welcoming seat at the table in education policy.

Law and Order

In the world we live in today, the scales of justice have been tipped. We have witnessed many instances where those who break the law are treated as victims, while our dedicated law enforcement officers face unwarranted criticism and scorn. This distortion of justice, where innocence and guilt are inverted, has left law-abiding citizens questioning their rights to defend themselves and their loved ones.

This imbalance in our justice system is unacceptable and must be rectified.

During my first term as your State Representative, I have steadfastly championed legislation aimed at protecting the fundamental rights of residents to safeguard their life, liberty, and property. I have remained vigilant against attempts to compromise public safety and have worked diligently to correct misconceptions, particularly those that unfairly tarnish the reputation of our honorable men and women in blue.

Our community deserves a justice system that is balanced and fair, where every citizen feels secure, and where the dedication and sacrifice of our law enforcement officers are acknowledged and respected. Together, let’s work towards a future where the scales of justice are rightly balanced, public safety is prioritized, and every member of our community can thrive.

Your support will empower me to continue advocating for the rights of all citizens and to ensure that our community remains a beacon of justice and fairness for everyone.

Restoring the Right to Life

We tend to look at history through a modern lens and judge those who came before us as somehow worse, less evolved, and not as sophisticated. We point to outrages like chattel slavery and Jim Crow and scoff. How could they be so callous, so vicious, so cruel?

But history will judge us as harshly. We've lived alongside an ongoing atrocity far worse than those of America's past. Since the Roe v Wade opinion, over 60 million people have been legally slain in the most barbaric fashion imaginable, their broken bodies cast aside like trash. If spoken of at all, their humanity has been diminished or denied. By rejecting their humanity, we have lost much of our own.

It was incredibly encouraging when the United States Supreme Court rightly overturned Roe v Wade. It presented the several states with the opportunity to abolish the greatest moral atrocity humankind has ever perpetrated.

Unfortunately, in Minnesota, it instead prompted fear from those committed to this unholy sacrament, and cowardice from far too many who had long claimed to oppose it. The pro-life movement was told to stand down. And pro-abortion forces marched unopposed to electoral victory.

The result was House File 1, the top policy priority of Democrats, a bill which Governor Walz would eventually sign legalizing the killing of children up to the moment they first draw breath. Abortion may now occur on-demand, for any reason or none at all, with no question or record. Additionally, Democrats purged Minnesota law of nearly every protection the unborn had, repealing bipartisan legislation that had broad public support. A baby born alive may now be legally left to expire on a medical table, dying slowly from neglect and exposure, their suffering sanctioned by your state's law.

Now Democrats seek to amend our state constitution, our founding document ordained by the People, to permanently strip civil rights from an entire category of human beings. If you've ever wondered what you'd have done during chattel slavery, or whether you would have had the courage to march beside Martin Luther King, your response now - today - to this outrage gives you your answer.

We must defeat the Democrats unholy war against life and restore balance to the Minnesota legislature.

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Hand in hand with law and order is your right to act as the last line of defense for your family. In most cases, you will serve as your own first responder to any emergency. You must therefore have total assurance that any action you take to protect what's yours will be upheld and supported by the law.

Democrats total control of state government has enabled them to pass laws which uplift and empower convicted criminals while thwarting your right to protect yourself.

We should have Constitutional Carry, because the Constitution of these United States is your permit to carry.

We should have Castle Doctrine, because a mother or father should never have to retreat before defending their family.

We should have Stand Your Ground, because you ought to be able to defend yourself wherever you happen to be. The right to life doesn't end at your doorstep.

Instead they passed universal background checks and a red flag law which denies those targeted with it their right to due process.

We need to restore balance to the legislature and prevent further erosion of your God-given rights. Law and order starts where you stand.

Health Freedom

Consent is the bedrock moral requirement of responsible medicine. No patient should be forced to accept treatment against their will. Tim Walz and the Democrats do not believe this, and have taken every opportunity to impose their rule over the medical decisions of Minnesotans.

As state representative, I have sponsored legislation to restore patient privacy and autonomy. Your medical status is your business, no one else's. Your medical choices are not subject to review, approval, veto, or punishment. You own you.

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