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Election Integrity

Minnesota's election system is fundamentally corrupt, and we need to talk about it even as those who benefit from the corruption mock us for doing so.

Secretary of State Steve Simon sought changes to election law in 2020 which the bipartisan legislature denied him. Coincidentally, a friendly group run by a notorious Democrat operative went on to sue Simon, and Simon happily settled with a "consent decree" agreeing to change election practices. Those changes just so happened to align with what Simon had asked lawmakers for. Obviously, this is not how lawsuits or lawmaking are supposed to work. The entire farce was signed off on by a Democrat judge.

The result was, among other things, unmanned drop boxes where ballots could be submitted with no reliable verification of where they came from. This is analogous to an ATM that requires no card and no PIN; just step up and withdraw whatever from wherever - on the honor system! Add to that, absentee ballots which we have reason to believe were counted outside the protocol established by law, overseen by panels of "deputy" staff rather than legally required election judges, resulting in absurd statistical anomalies which are right out in the open for anyone to see. It adds up to thick black smoke where a blazing fire of corruption must be.

None of this is speculation. None of it is a mere claim. All of these facts have either been reported on by mainstream sources or readily available via data direct from the Secretary of State. Yet nothing has been done about it. Indeed, just this week, another judge decided to interpret the law in a manner blatantly inconsistent with plain legislative intent, allowing *future* election authorities to ignore election judges and appoint their own partisan staff to handle ballots.

This is corruption. It is endemic. It is systemic. And it must end.

We need legislators in St. Paul committed to audit and reform, and willing to talk about this issue with clarity and moral conviction. The press will call us conspiracy theorists. They'll say we're peddling "the big lie." They'll link us to January 6th and claim we're insurrectionists attacking democracy. But the real insurrection occurred successfully and without resistance as described above. And its perpetrators have paid no price and remain in power.

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